Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lord of the Worlds - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009

Imagine entering Jannah without any accounting. Imagine not having your sins displayed in from of Mankind, not having to explain for anything and being able to enter Jannah without any difficult or humiliation! Do you know how? By perfecting your knowledge of tawheed and worship of Allah.

Tawheed is the preoccupation of a Muslim in his life, so he begins his life with it and he ends his life with it. His task in life is to establish Allah's oneness and the call to it. So we ask Allaah to make the statement of Tawheed (Laa ilaaha lila Allaah) our last words in this world and we ask Him to gather the Muslims upon the statement of Tawheed.

Take a journey into the detailed study of Allah, our Creator Most High! Learn about His worship, the testimony of faith and what it means for us and how to purify and perfect our tawheed. Learn about the many manifestations of Shirk and how people commit the most heinous crime of associating partners with Allah and how they seek to justify it under false pretexts.

This is the single most important course that any Muslim will ever attend.

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